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Local government

Local government.

Municipal government

Online portal to historical collections at the Florida state library. Features include the Florida Photographic Collection, Online Classroom, Highlights of Florida History, Collections, and Timeline. Includes Video, Audio, and online Exhibits.

Florida Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services.

Identifies publications housed in the Florida Documents Collection at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). The collection includes public documents distributed by the State Library of Florida since 1967 under the Florida Public Documents Depository Program. Search by keyword, Author's name, Title, or Subject.


ProQuest (Lexis-Nexis) Congressional Publications provides a comprehensive view of congressional action and the behind-the-scenes activity involved in crafting U.S. legislation. It includes the Congressional Research Digital Collection (CRDC), Committee Prints and CRS Reports (1824-Present), Statutes at Large (1789-present), and the Serial Set (1789-1969). Includes the Federal Register & Political News.

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