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Scholars Commons Faculty and Staff

Sarah Buck-Kachaluba
Humanities Librarian
(850) 645-2600
Subject Specialization: Anthropology, History, International Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Modern Languages, Women's Studies
Gloria Colvin
Head, Scholars Commons
(850) 645-1680
Subject Specialization: Education
Jessica Evans Brady
Visual & Performing Arts Librarian
(850) 645-2709
Subject Specialization: Art, Art Education, Art History, Dance, Theatre
Marcia Gorin
Reference/Documents Librarian
(850) 645-2708
Subject Specialization: Economics, International Studies, Political Science, Social Work
Maggie Hoomes
Library Associate
(850) 644-5019
Renaine Julian
Data Research Librarian
Kelly Keith
Library Associate
(850) 644-5268
Kyung Kim
Business Librarian
Subject Specialization: Business
Mackenzie Lane-Lightfoot
Reserves Associate
Jillyann Sanchez
Library Operations Supervisor
(850) 644-5268
Abby Scheel
Humanities Librarian
(850) 645-2163
Subject Specialization: Classics, English, Philosophy, Religion
Trip Wyckoff
Business Librarian
(850) 645-1475
Subject Specialization: Business, Economics, Sport Management & Recreation Management
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