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About Tutoring

Why Florida State University Supports Tutoring

To show our commitment to student success, Florida State University is proud to host a variety of student academic services.

With Strozier Library's Learning District and Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Learning Studio in William Johnston, students can expect a wide range of tutoring options, workshops and other academic events.

Our partners include:

  • Student Government
  • The Academic Center for Excellence
  • The Reading/Writing Center
  • Statistics Consulting
  • CARE
  • The Chemistry Department
  • The Biology Department
  • The Physics Department
  • The Anthropology Department
  • Alpha Chi Sigma
  • Sigma Delta Pi

About the Learning District @ Strozier, Dirac, and FAMU/FSU Engineering Library

Thanks to Student Government funding, The Learning District offers free peer tutoring at Strozier and Dirac Libraries during late night hours, Sundays through Wednesdays.

To inquire about becoming a tutor, please contact Michelle Demeter, Distance & Outreach Coordinator, at

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