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2016-2017 ARL Statistics

Main Libraries ARL Statistics 

Question                                                                     FY 2016-2017 Totals

Titles held June 30 3,358,654
Volumes held June 30 3,531,769
Electronic books (included in question 2) 1,290,425
Total library expenditures (exclude fringe benefits) 16,341,674
Total library materials 8,255,545
One-time resource purchases 847,580
Ongoing resource purchases (e.g., subscriptions, annual license fees) 7,322,210
Collection Support 85,755
Total salaries and wages 7,254,630
Professional staff 4,795,720
Support staff 1,790,346
Student assistants 668,564
Other operating expenditures 831,499
Fringe Benefits 2,201,913
Official designated percent 29
Consortia/Networks/Bibliographic Utilities Expenditures from External Sources 219,364
Total Staff, FTE 235
Professional staff, FTE 92
Support staff, FTE 68
Student assistants, FTE 75
Number of library presentations to groups 942
Number of total participants in group presentations 19,934
Number of reference transactions 43,067
Number of initial circulations (excluding reserves) 110,841
Number of successful full-text article requests (journals) N/A
Number of regular searches (databases) N/A
Number of federated searches (databases) N/A
Total number of filled requests provided to other libraries 13,953
Total number of filled requests received from other libraries or providers 10,673
Annual Gate Count 1,457,815
Number of Doctor's Degrees awarded 746
Number of fields in which Doctor's Degrees can be awarded 81
Number of full-time instructional faculty 1,806
Full-time students, undergraduate and graduate 35,142
Part-time students, undergraduate and graduate 5,456
Full-time graduate students 5,894
Part-time graduate students 2,035
Libraries Included: Strozier (Main); Dirac (Science); Engineering; Music; Ringling; Panama City, Panama Branch; Goldstein (College of Communication and Information); and Panama City Beach, FL campus.

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