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Elsevier Subscription Changes

In 2018, the Florida State University Libraries subscribed to $2 million worth of Elsevier journals as part of a statewide license agreement for a multi-title bundle. This bundle provides electronic access to Elsevier’s full catalog of over 1800 titles, but the price has risen dramatically in recent years. For the past year, the University Libraries, Faculty Senate Library Committee and entire Faculty Senate have discussed what action would be in the best interest of the university going forward. In March, the Faculty Senate voted unanimously to support the Libraries’ decision to reduce Elsevier costs by subscribing to the most highly used critical Elsevier titles.

In April, University Libraries expressed a willingness to Elsevier to consider viable options if FSU’s costs could be reduced. Negotiations throughout 2018 have been unsuccessful. By breaking away from the statewide agreement, FSU expects to spend $1M in 2019 and subscribe to fewer journals but continue to provide access to all previously available material through alternate sources.

Our Library faculty have been working with academic departments to identify journal subscriptions within the $1M expenditure target that are most important to their research. The final list of 2019 subscriptions has been sent to Elsevier. Throughout 2019, the library will closely monitor the new service and make necessary adjustments as needed. If you or your faculty have difficulty accessing any journals, please let your subject librarian know immediately. A list of departmental subject librarians is available.

The FSU Libraries are committed to providing the best possible resources and services to faculty and students and are implementing the following strategies to mitigate any inconvenience or concerns:

  1. Prompt delivery via Interlibrary Loan For articles from journals to which we no longer subscribe, the Libraries routinely provide access via Interlibrary Loan within 48 hours.

  2. Expedited Article Service. The Libraries will provide a new service for expedited delivery of journal articles, for which the Libraries will be charged a per article delivery fee, for faculty and graduate students who need very quick access to articles from journals to which we no longer subscribe.

  3. Continued communication and cooperation. As we begin the next phase of this project, we will continuously monitor requests for the Elsevier titles we no longer subscribe to and adjust as needed, as well as maintain close communication with faculty in academic departments.

  4. If you have questions or comments about any phases of the Elsevier changes, please contact Gale Etschmaier, Dean of University Libraries getschmaier@fsu.edu or Roy Ziegler, Associate Dean for Collections and Access rziegler@fsu.edu

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