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Databases that begin with R

The R2Library, developed by Rittenhouse, contains the full text of a number of searchable medical books with all images, tables and graphics included. Content... read more

This incomparable collection includes over 600,000 pages of key bibliographies for online consultation. These are not e-texts; they are scanned facsimiles of... read more

This comprehensive tool for educators, students and researchers provides unparalleled access to current events coverage, curriculum support and access to... read more

Readers’ Guide Retrospective: 1890-1982 provides indexing of over three million articles from more than 550 leading magazines including full coverage of the... read more

Offering a wealth of experimentally validated information, Reaxys brings a fresh look to synthetic chemistry with powerful functionality, combined content and... read more

RefWorks is a web-based citation manager provided by the FSU Libraries for all Florida State University faculty, students, and... read more

Regional Business News provides comprehensive full text coverage for regional business publications, incorporating 75 business news... read more

Comprehensive guide to North America's premier nonprofit research organizations. Information on each organization includes programs, staffing, and... read more

Offers an international bibliography of scholarly writings on music and related disciplines in 202 languages, including original language titles; title... read more

A large-scale bibliographical project which was established to provide access to eighteenth-, nineteenth- and twentieth-century periodical literature dealing... read more

The broad multi-disciplinary coverage of risk-related concerns ranges from public and environmental health to social issues and psychological aspects. Risk... read more

The Routledge Performance Archive is a developing resource produced in partnership with Digital Theatre, providing unique access to an unprecedented range of... read more

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