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Tutoring Policy

SGA and FSU Libraries are proud to provide free tutoring for currently enrolled FSU students. Our tutors are not professors nor are they experts in their field; they are students, just like you.

In order to ensure you have a beneficial and rewarding tutoring experience, please read the expectations outlined below.

Expectations for Tutors

To make an honest commitment to assist students.
Remain professional and treat students with respect.
Maintain student confidentiality.
Help students better understand concepts and formulas (more thoroughly or in-depth).
Provide tips on problem solving, studying, becoming a better students.

Expectations for Students

Come to tutoring session prepared (books, pen/pencil, have read the book, attended class, etc.).
Do not ask tutors to check your homework. You may ask whether you understand a concept, are completing all the steps to a problem, or if they can help you solve practice problems.
Be respectful of the tutor and his/her time.
If questions are too advanced or in-depth, you should see your professor or TA.
Tutors are expected to adhere to the FSU Academic Honor Code as outlined in the FSU Student Handbook (

Should you ask a tutor to do something that would violate the FSU Honor Code or that does not match the Expectations for Students listed above, you may be asked to leave the Learning District for the night or permanently.

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May, 2012
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