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Subject Librarians

FSU Libraries offers a professional librarian liaison to each department, school, and program who provides tailored instruction and research assistance for students and faculty. Each liaison can work collaboratively with teaching faculty, serve as a department's first point of contact for information about library resources and services, and also select materials to support students and their current course curricula.

Every Library Liaison also manages several LibGuides that act as a homepage for library resources in specific subject areas. Search below to connect with your FSU Library Liaison today!

Under the photo of the Subject Specialist is a link to request a consultation with that librarian. If you are not sure what librarian to choose use this form and we'll help choose the best librarian for your needs.

Mohamed Berray

Social Sciences Librarian
Scholars Commons
0027P Strozier Library
Phone: (850) 645-2709
Subject Specializations:
Asian Studies, Government Documents, International Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Political Science, Public Administration and Policy
Mohamed Berray is the liaison to the Department of Political Science, the International Studies Program, and the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. He came to Florida State University from the Pennsylvania State University where he was resident Social Sciences Librarian and subject specialist for political science, law, and international affairs. Mohamed has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the American University in Cairo, and a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is a former Fulbright Scholar, and an ILEAD (International Librarians Enhancing Access and Development) Fellow with the Department of Library and Information Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He also was the Assistant Director, and, Head of the Law Library at the American University in Cairo. Mohamed is a member of the International Librarians Network, and serves on committees in the International Relations Round Table, and in the Law and Political Science Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries. His research interests include diversity in libraries and assessment of library user experiences.

Rachel Besara

Director of STEM Libraries & Research Initiatives
Dirac Science library, FAMU-FSU Engineering Library
205A Dirac Science Library
Phone: (850) 644-3079
Subject Specializations:
Rachel Besara received her Master of Science in Library and Information Studies at Florida State University and her B.S. in Education with a Science Concentration at Southeast Missouri State University. Currently Rachel is the Director of STEM Libraries & Research Initiatives, overseeing the Dirac Science Library and the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Library. Prior to this position, Rachel was an Assessment Librarian at FSU Libraries. She also serves as a library liaison to Physics. Rachel is a member of the American Library Association and serves as the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) liaison to the American Physical Society (APS). She has been active in other groups within the American Library Association, and as a member of the Florida Library Association, Special Libraries Association, and Florida Association for Media in Education. Her research interests include the library's role in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) research process, data management, assessment, particularly user studies, data visualization, libraries' return on investment and mobile technology.

Bridgett Birmingham

Head, Learning Commons
Undergraduate Services
112F Strozier Library
Phone: (850) 644-6810
Subject Specializations:
Bridgett Birmingham is the library liaison for Film Studies and is responsible for collection development and instruction in those areas. In her current position as Undergraduate Technology and Media Librarian, she is also responsible for media and technology consultations for undergraduates in all disciplines of study. She provides reference services both in person and at a distance through Skype, Ask-A-Librarian, email and phone consultations. Bridgett has a strong interest in emerging technologies, learning outcomes, and Learning Commons. The intersection of the academic and social spheres for undergraduate students is her primary area of research. She has a B.A. in English Literature from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and a Masters in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University. She is a member of the American Library Association and Educause.

Gloria Colvin

Head, Scholars Commons
Scholars Commons
027D Strozier Library
Phone: (850) 645-1680
Subject Specializations:
Center for the Study of Technology in Counseling and Career Development, Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Educational Psychology and Learning Systems, Florida Center for Reading Research, School of Teacher Education
Gloria Colvin is a research librarian in the Scholars Commons in Strozier Library and serves as the liaison to the College of Education. She graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in English and art history and completed a Master of Arts in Teaching at Duke and a Masters in Library Science at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Gloria has been a member of the FSU Libraries faculty since 2001. Prior to that, she was a reference librarian at Duke University, Cedar Crest College, and the State Library and Archives of Florida. Earlier in her career, she worked as a newspaper librarian at the Durham (N.C.) Herald-Sun Newspapers and as an English and Social Studies teacher in the N.C. public schools. Her interests include copyright, scholarly communication, outreach to faculty, students, and staff in a higher education setting, and the changing roles of libraries. Gloria is an active member of the American Library Association, the Association of College and Research Libraries, the Florida Association of College and Research Libraries, and the Florida Library Association.She is a past president of the Florida Library Association. She chairs the Florida Book Awards Executive Board and helps to coordinate that awards program.

Michelle Demeter

Distance & Outreach Coordinator
Undergraduate Services
112E Strozier Library
Phone: (850) 645-2707
Subject Specializations:
Michelle's outreach responsibilities extend to various departments and organizations on campus that provide academic services. As Academic Partnerships Librarian, she works closely with the Reading Writing Center, Advising First Exploratory Office, the Academic Center for Excellence, the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE), the Honors program, and the Office of Undergraduate Research. Michelle also serves as one of the Libraries' liaisons to the Film School, Education, and Retail, Merchandising, & Product Development. Michelle's educational background includes a B.A. in English Literature, a B.A. in Religious Studies, and an M.A. in Religious Studies from the University of South Florida, and a Masters in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University. Before becoming a librarian, she worked for the St. Petersburg Times as a copy editor, as an adjunct for the Religious Studies Department at the University of South Florida in Tampa, and as a high school English Honors and Journalism teacher in Plant City, Florida. Michelle is an active member of the American Library Association, the Association of College and Research Libraries, Library Leadership & Management Association, Florida Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries, and the Florida Library Association. Her current research interests are social and academic services in academic libraries, distance learning, and the impact of library services on undergraduate academic success and retention.

Pam Doffek

Head, Goldstein Library
Goldstein Library
Louis Shores
Phone: (850) 644-0461
Subject Specializations:
Communication and Communication Disorders, Information Studies
Pamala J. Doffek (Associate Librarian) earned her master’s degree in Library Science from the University of Arizona in Tucson. Her Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, is in Industrial Technology. Pam has a background working with military libraries supporting their academic, special, and public library needs. Her interests include library as “place” in the virtual diaspora, and practical application of library theory. She is a member of ALA, SLA, FLA and PLAN.

Leila Gibradze

Assistant Librarian
Goldstein Library
Louis Shores
Phone: (850) 645-8418
Subject Specializations:
Information Studies
Leila Gibradze received her MLIS from Rutgers University and MA in Western European Languages from Tbilisi State University, Georgia. Leila has more than 10 years of professional experience as a reference librarian and a cataloger both in public and academic library settings. She has taught graduate and continuing education courses in reference services and cataloging.

Laura Gayle Green

University Librarian, Head of the Music Library
N0202 HMU
Phone: (850) 644-3999
Subject Specializations:

Renaine Julian

Data Research Librarian
Scholars Commons
027E Strozier Library
Phone: (850) 645-6323
Subject Specializations:
Economics, Geography, Urban and Regional Planning
Renaine Julian serves as the liaison for Economics, Urban and Regional Planning and Geography. He is currently the Data Research Librarian in the Scholars Commons. He assists students and faculty in research data acquisition and analysis. Renaine holds a B.S. in Political Science, M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning and a M.S. in Library Information Studies all from Florida State University. Prior to his current position, Renaine has served in several capacities in University Libraries and in a statewide library services organization. His research interests include data management, spatial data/GIS, digital libraries and data visualization. Renaine is an active member of the American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries and the Florida Library Association

Nancy Kellett

Associate University Librarian
Technology and Digital Scholarship
0011 Strozier Library
Phone: (850) 645-0828
Subject Specializations:
Computer Science, Mathematics, Scientific Computing, Statistics
Nancy Kellett is the liaison to the departments of Computer Science, Mathematics, Scientific Computing, and Statistics. Nancy has been a librarian at Florida State since 2003. Prior to that, she filled a number of roles with what is now Information Technology Services at FSU. She completed a B.S. in Mathematics, a Masters of Science in Computer Science, and a Masters of Science in Library Studies, all at Florida State University. Nancy is a member of SLA (Special Libraries Association) and is active in the Information Technology and Academic Divisions. Her professional and research interests include integrated library systems, scholarly communication, institutional repositories, and data stewardship.

Kyung Kim

Business Librarian
Scholars Commons
027J Strozier Library
Phone: (850) 644-7558
Subject Specializations:
Business, Hospitality
Kyung Kim earned a PhD in Library & Information Science at Rutgers University. Prior to joining the FSU Libraries as Business Librarian, Kyung taught at the School of Library and Information Studies at FSU over nine years. She also has a medical librarian background. Kyung has expertise in User Studies, and database & Internet searching. Her research interests include innovative information services for faculty and graduate students, scholarly communication, curriculum development, embedded librarianship for distance learners, and information support for entrepreneurs and global business researchers. She is a member of the Special Library Association (SLA). the American Library Association (ALA), and the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL).

Kirsten Kinsley

Assessment Librarian
Assessment: Library Research & Statistics
206 Strozier Library
Phone: (850) 645-9347
Subject Specializations:
Criminology and Criminal Justice, Psychology
Kirsten Kinsley is an Assessment Librarian at the Florida State University Libraries and a liaison with the Department of Psychology and College of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Kirsten completed her Master of Science in Library and Information Studies in 1999 and received a Master of Science and Specialist in Education degrees in Counseling and Human Systems in 1995 from the Florida State University. In 1989, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honors. Ms. Kinsley previously worked for the FSU Career Center Library and Law Research Center and has been working in libraries on campus in various capacities since 1991. Kirsten seeks to foster and measure how the library through campus collaborations can contribute to student and faculty success. In partnership with the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Kirsten and other librarians co-teach IFS 2075 (formerly CCJ1005) a library-intensive freshmen E-Series, and Scholarship & Practice seminar for honors students. Using innovative quasi-experimental design, the Criminology research team has conducted a study to measure seminar impact on student GPA, graduate rates and critical thinking.

Paul Lightcap

Collections Strategist and Head of Acquisitions
Collection Development and Access
120 Technical Services
Phone: (850) 644-0468
Subject Specializations:
New Faculty Collection Development Grant

Emily Mann

Research & Information Services Librarian
Undergraduate Services
112J Strozier Library
Phone: (850) 645-7448
Subject Specializations:
Family and Child Sciences, Retail Merchandising and Product Development
Emily Mann received her Masters in Library and Information Studies from University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and her B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology with a minor in U.S. history from Guilford College. She joined the faculty of Florida State University Libraries in 2014 and currently serves as the liaison for Family and Child Sciences and Retail, Merchandising and Product Development. Prior to joining FSU libraries she worked in the libraries at Coker College, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and High Point University. She is an active member of the American Library Association and the Association of College and Research Libraries. Her research interests include meeting the needs of underserved populations, reference services and information literacy.

Stacey Mantooth

Science Librarian
Dirac Science library
205B Dirac Science Library
Phone: (850) 645-7961
Subject Specializations:
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Physics
Stacey Mantooth is a Science Librarian at the Dirac Science Library and serves as a liaison for Chemistry & Biochemistry as well as Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. Prior to joining Florida State University, Stacey held a position at the Environmental Protection Agency Library at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Her research interest include STEM information needs, interdisciplinary collaboration, information description, and knowledge sharing. Stacey has received a BA in Classical Languages and English Literature-Creative Writing from Agnes Scott College, an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an MSLS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is also a member of the American Library Association and the Special Library Association.

Mary McCormick

Assistant Director for Research
Law Research Center
Phone: (850) 644-7288
Subject Specializations:
Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine and Law, Law, Law Library

Portia McQueen

Associate University Librarian
112C Strozier Library
Phone: (850) 644-0470
Subject Specializations:
Portia McQueen is the liaison to the Sociology Department. She earned a double Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Science from Florida State University. She also holds a Certificate in Public Administration and has earned a minor in Accounting from Tallahassee Community College. She completed a Master’s in Library and Information Studies at Florida State and is currently working on a Ph.D. in information literacy and/or education. Since 1990, Portia has worked in the university systems of Florida State and Florida A & M. Her present appointment is in Strozier Library’s Undergraduate Services Department. Prior to that, she served as the solo librarian (director) at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Library and coordinated special projects for the University Libraries. Portia’s research interests include information literacy, the learning styles of undergraduates, adult educational behavior, how individuals learn in general, outreach to faculty, students and staff in higher education, and the changing roles of librarians and librarianship. Portia is an active member of the American Library Association, the Special Library Association, the Florida Library Association, and the North Florida Library Association, of which she served as president and vice president. She currently serves as Secretary of the FLA Black Caucus and as a Mentor through the American Library Association (ALA)'s Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) Division.

Apryl Price

Electronic Resources Collection Management Librarian
711 Technical Services
Phone: (850) 645-7914
Subject Specializations:

Robyn Rosasco

Public Services Librarian
Maquire Medical Library
Phone: (850) 645-0348
Subject Specializations:
Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine, Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine and Law, Clinical Sciences, Family Medicine and Rural Health, Geriatrics, Maguire Medical Library, Medicine

Robert Saxon

Department Head Panama City FL Library
Panama City, Florida
A0111 HOL Panama City Campus (FL)
Phone: (850) 770-2244
Subject Specializations:
Panama City Florida Library